Its a tough world and getting tougher everyday, bringing new challenges that can be difficult to deal with, especially for school age people, who may not have the skills and experience to deal with them. That's why Victoria Independent School District is planning an open forum to talk about those challenges.

The event called Community Conversation is the 4th of such events, designed to help parents support their children in an emotional crisis, and VISD counseling coordinator Kimberley Motley said students could be distressed about all kinds of issues, including their grades, or the loss of a friend.

The event is slated for Monday, February 27th at the VISD Conference Center in Conference Room D, at 2909 Miori Lane in Victoria. It opens with an expo where parents can learn about local agencies and services available for students at 5:30pm, and the discussion begins at 6. Refreshments will also be served at 5:30.

For more information, contact Kimberly Motley at 361-788-2891 ext. 41114 or, email

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