Walmart stores
Daniel Aguilar/Getty Images

With so many people's employment coming to a halt because of coronavirus and COVID-19, big companies are stepping up with opportunities to find temporary employment.  Just last week, H-E-B announced that they would be hiring temporary employment for the next 30-60 days.

Read more about H-E-B below.

Walmart is the latest business to step up and follow HEB's lead and is planning to hire 150,000 temporary workers in Texas to keep up with the amount of traffic they are seeing in their stores. .  While these aren't meant to be long-term jobs, they could certainly be a help to someone who has just been laid off due to the pandemic. Walmart has said, however, that some positions could become permanent over time.  If you need more information or is interested in apply for the plethora of open positions, is encouraged to visit or you can text "jobs" to 240240 to get linked up.

Stay positive my friends, we will get through this. Please don't forget to support your small local businesses.