The Dallas Cowboys and Whataburger announced a partnership this morning, which makes Whataburger the Official Burger of the Dallas Cowboys!  It doesn't get more Texas than this. This is a historic deal for Whataburger. This is the first time they have been named the official burger of an NFL Team.  You can read the full press release from Whataburger by clicking here.

This means you can enjoy a Whataburger while watching a Cowboys game in Jerry World.  I only know of one other arena that does this.  The AT&T Center in San Antonio while taking in a Spurs game. GO SPURS GO!

Don't forget you can catch all Dallas Cowboys Football on your official Dallas Cowboy Radio Station in Victoria, KIXS108!

I would also call Whataburger the official burger of my family for many reasons.  ONE, It is located less than two minutes from my house, TWO, the App, and THREE, curbside pickup! I can literally leave my house to pick up dinner and be back home in as little as 5 minutes.  Yes, I have timed it.

Also recently, my wife has returned to the classroom as a full-time student while she works a full-time job as a Registered Nurse. She is pursuing a Masters in Nursing on her way to becoming a Nurse Practioner.  YOU GOT THIS!  I also work my full-time job here and work weekends DJing for all kinds of events.  Sometimes you don't have time to cook or just don't feel like it.

Yesterday my wife and I were tagged on a meme on Facebook and it got us thinking. How much have we spent at Whataburger in the last 6 months? Sadly, that's as far back as the Whataburger App goes.   The grand total is shown below, and let me prepare you for a little sticker shock LOL.

Over the past six months, my family has spent $1562.89 at Whataburger!

Do you have a higher number than me? Let me know in the Facebook comments. 

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