The Texas Zoo is on its way toward rebuilding the lemur exhibit that was destroyed in September 2010. They are not just rebuilding the same exhibit, they are improving it.

They are building a small primate exhibit which will house not only the lemurs but also the tamarins and spider monkeys. All of the small primates will be in the center of the Zoo. The spider monkeys will finally have some company.

Each bedroom where the lemurs and tamarin stay has its own heater. The frame of the exhibit is constructed. Soon, the specially manufactured wire will be put in place.

 The Texas Zoo is hoping the lemurs will be able to move into their new homes in February. Then, they will move the birds of prey and begin building the spider monkey portion of the exhibit.

The exhibits will also be protected by beautifully colored shade sails. Just another improvement the Texas Zoo is doing. They are defiantly the little zoo with a BIG heart.

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