We love Halloween for every ounce of chocolaty, cavity-forming, nougat-covered goodness, yet there is always some level of disappointment when we find ourselves confronted with candy we despise.

We all know those Halloween grinches who filled our trick-or-treat bags with raisins, apples or pennies while growing up. That certainly put a damper on the day, but let's not forget those people who answered their doors and gave us candy whose very name still  strikes indigestion in our stomachs, a chalky aftertaste in our throats and a grimace across our mouths

Maybe it's the always controversial-yet-beloved candy corn. Maybe it's black licorice, whose dark coloring and equally dark taste leave many angry. Maybe it's Dots, which tend to rile up people because they generally don't like chowing down on paper. Maybe it's Almond Joy and Mounds, which turn people off with that whole coconut ingredient. Maybe it's NECCO wafers, which just sounds like they're cookies made from neck.

And we haven't even gotten into Smarties, Hot Tamales, Mary Jane, Sugar Daddy, Laffy Taffy or anything root beer-based.

The list could definitely go on and on and there's a good chance we missed something, so we humbly ask you: what is the most disgusting Halloween candy?

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