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Ikea runs are the absolute best; you can make an entire day out of it. There are what seems like hundreds of mini rooms to go through and view. Inspiration is everywhere—hours of just walking around the store, grabbing items that resonate with your soul.

My main issue is, even though I plan a 5 hour Ikea trip, I still run out of time. It never fails, it's 15 minutes before closing, and I'm racing down the isles, recklessly throwing anything into my cart that catches my eye; only to regret half of those purchases when I get home and let them sit in some corner of a hallway closet for the next two years collecting dust, but still doing the same exact thing on the next Ikea run- I never learn my lesson.


Ikea is such a great option, though, for those who are on a budget and fancy a good Do-It-Yourself project. They have stylish options, budget-friendly selections, and inspiration oozing out the wazoo.

There's one catch with Ikea. The costs are cut so much, but they get you with the labor. You can buy a lovely stylish couch for under $500, but you're going to pay one way or another, maybe not in cash, perhaps not in credit, but they make you pay alright- take my word for it.

If you are an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, fine, take Ikea projects by the horns. However, if you are the everyday average Joe like me, beware. Sometimes you might be up till 3 am tangled in a bloody red couch, wishing you just opted in for an already assembled piece of furniture instead.


Sometimes even the smallest projects can get you. Who knew a table could be so challenging? Good thing I like a challenge.

Table assebly-ALEX SALINAS-TSM

Ikea Table:1 Pooks:0. I think I might catch up on some light reading and give the table a rest for a while.


Ikea still has my heart, though. I will still continue to schedule my 5 hours Ikea runs and make compulsive purchases. Nothing can stop this Do-It-Yourselfer. My advice: grab a drink, a few pals, and make a day out of building your Ikea furniture.

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