Not young enough to Trick or Treat anymore? Well, that's just shame. How are adults supposed to get some of that sweet free stuff? Well, luckily there are other places besides a neighbor's house to get freebies. In fact, since we're older candy just doesn't sound like a good enough freebie...perhaps some other places can provide more to sweeten up your Halloween. Here are a few places you may know in your area that may give you the freebies you're seeking, or at least a very great deal you don't want to pass up on.

The deal: 
The Drink of the Month is a $1 Vampire. The purple rum cocktail comes with a cherry and a set of vampire teeth floating on top. Spooky.
When: Through October 31

The deal: 
Chipotle's annual "Boo-rito" deal is back. For Halloween, you can get a $4 burrito.
When: October 31, 3pm-close

The deal: 
Take $5 off an order through Grubhub. You'll dig it up in the Perks section.
When: October 28 - November 10

Chuck E. Cheese
The deal:
 Grab an order of Unicorn Churros for just a buck when you order any large pizza through Grubhub or Doordash.
When: October 15-31

Whole Foods
The deal: 
Prime members can get any frozen pizza for half-price at Whole Foods.
When: October 23 - November 5

The deal:
To celebrate the 31st day of the month, the ice cream shop with 31 flavors is offering ice cream scoops for $1.70 as well as two pre-packed quarters for $7.99.
When: October 31

The deal:
Order through UberEats and get a $0 delivery fee all Halloweek.
When: October 26 - November 1

The deal:
 If you're a Chili's loyalty member, you can get a free kids meal with the purchase of any entrée.
When: October 31

Red Lobster
The deal:
Order Red Lobster To Go and get 15% off when you use the code "Lobster52."
When: October 22 - November 17

Chuck E. Cheese
The deal: 
When kids show up in a costume and buy time instead of tokens, they'll get 50 free bonus tickets all month. Halloween is whatever day you want it to be in your heart.
When: Through October 31

The deal: 
Drop into the Grubhub app and check out the Perks section to get $5 off an order of at least $15. You can redeem the offer once per day.
When: Through November 20, 5-10pm daily

Carl's Jr.
The deal: 
Take $5 off your tab when you order from Carl's Jr. for the first time through Grubhub. The deal can be found in the Perks section of the Grubhub app.
When: Through November 20

If you want to see more options of locations and other freebie options for other times of the year click here. Happy Halloween!

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