Holy Cow! Baseball is back.

The reaction to fans in the stands throughout social media seemed to be very positive as far as I could tell. I got a little misty myself feeling fans in the stands, hearing the sound of the crowd during the pre-game, and seeing the comments "God Bless America" and "Fans are back" was a nice pick-me-up. The Rangers ended up losing to the Blue Jays 6-2, but it sure was nice to see a stadium just under full capacity again.

I saw plenty of masks, which was surprising when compared to some of the other sporting events this year. I remember some of the crowds at the NFL games a couple of months ago didn't seem so into masks, but some of those crowds were vaccinated health care workers. Many of those games did not admit anywhere near 30K+ fans. Good to see folks being safe despite how none of us like to wear them for very long.

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While the Ranger's new park holds 40,158, the game was listed as a sell-out anyway as the Rangers took the field according to DallasNews.com. Fans did not have to wear a mask when eating or drinking, but since the stadium was allowed to fill up the Rangers asked fans to stay masked up. Reports from the DallasNews say policing the mask requirement became increasingly difficult as the game went on and the stadium filled up.

It's also hard to keep a mask on someone who has had a six-pack of overpriced beers. Just saying. Overall it was a big day for baseball, fans, and the employees of the new stadium who all got to come back to work yesterday.

Do you plan on attending live sporting events in Texas? Will you wear a mask? For those who have been fully vaccinated, are you still concerned about attending live events, or is life back on easy street? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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