There's very few experiences that can compare to a Bachelorette party. Celebrating your friend's last night as a single woman (and doing everything you can to embarrass her) is a time honored tradition and we've put together a list of five places to help send your friend off into the bonds of matrimony with a bang.



Little can compare to a day of pampering yourself in a spa. Why not make a day of it at the Woodhouse Day Spa? With massages and aromatic treatments, everyone is sure to be relaxed and rearing to go by the time the night's festivities begin.

The Woodhouse Day Spa has package combinations available specifically for bachelorette parties and bridal showers. A quick call should be all you need in order to schedule a day of relaxation for all of the ladies in your party and the spa will also help you schedule catering if you so desire.

Party Favors

A quick trip to D&D Novelties should be in order. There's a wide selection of gifts and party favors sure to make certain the blushing bride is blushing all night long.

I'd advise against pre-inflating any dolls, however, especially if your plan is to put one in the driver's seat and tell the officer that pulls you over how surprised your "friend" is that she was speeding. You'll have to trust me on this one when I say it's a bad idea.


Vera Cruz

To get the night started right, I would recommend Vera Cruz mexican restaurant. The food is excellent and the magaritas are top notch and an excellent way to get off on the right foot.

There's nothing like some spicy food and frozen beverages to make certain the pace is set for all of the night's festivities.


Head for Cowgirls to keep the party going. Call a few days in advance and the friendly staff will be more than happy to set aside a table or two for your party and make sure you can get in early to "decorate" said table.

Drinks and dancing for the guest of honor and her friends is the perfect way to spend the evening and Cowgirls is one of the best places to see your friend off from her wicked ways as a single woman.

Get Home Safe

Get Home Safe

It's important to remember that when the night is over, it's best not to take any chances. Call a taxi or arrange for someone sober to get everyone home safe. While it might not actually be a place for partying, there's no better way to wrap up a night of partying than arriving home safe and sound.

After all, you want to make it out to the next friend's bacholorette party, right?

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