Well, here's something a little different. I'm sure you've heard of nonalcoholic beer before, right? They have such low alcohol or no alcohol content at all, so you couldn't get drunk from drinking them. I guess these are for people who drink beer for the taste. Well now, there's a nonalcoholic brew that won't get you buzzed in the usual way because, this beer is infused with THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets you high.

the brew is from the founding brewmaster of Blue Moon, a Belgian-Style Wheat Ale. It's from the Ceria Brewing Company, and it too is a Belgian-Style White Ale called Grainwave, but with a significant difference-there's no alcohol, and it has 5mg of THC.

Other cannabis-infused brews use hemp and not THC, which is illegal but, Grainwave contains no alcohol, so by definition, it's not beer.

If you're looking for it at area stores, forget about it. You'll have to travel to a state where recreational marijuana use is legal, namely Colorado in mid-December, and the company hopes to add California and Nevada in the near future.

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