Justin Bieber, a self-styled prankster (something we’ll see more of on tonight’s season premiere of the resurrected ‘Punk’d'), may be able to get off easy regarding the headache he caused as Texas grandmother regarding a phone prank.

We reported that The Biebs tweeted “Call me right now” to his several million followers a few weeks back and attached a random phone number with the end digit missing, prompting Beliebers to get busy smilin’ and dialin’ in hopes of figuring out the MIA digit and chatting with him. One of the people on the end of the (hundreds of) calls was 88-year-old Dilcie Fleming, who spoke to ‘Good Morning America’ about her phone ringing off the hook as a result of the joke. Guess what? She ain’t laughing.

“I had no idea what was going on,” the great-grandmother said. “I was told that this young man put a number up on the Tweeter, or whatever it’s called, but left off the last digit. People were punching in until they got an answer.”

Fleming refuses to change her number, which she has had since 1966. She did have to alter her lifestyle, moving her phone out of her bedroom and changing her outgoing message to state that it’s not The Biebs’ residence.

She is willing to compromise on the punishment. While she has retained a lawyer, the same attorney hired by a man who had the misfortune of having a similar phone number and received approximately three calls per second, all she really wants an apology. That and some concert tickets for one of her great-granddaughters, who is a fan.

“I think if this young man would put out that this was an error and he apologized, maybe people would quit calling,” she said.

Some of the Beliebers called, saying, “I love you so much and I want to have your babies.”

Poor Dilcie Fleming.

No word from The Biebs ’bout this drama yet. We’re hoping he says “I’m sorry” and sends her some tickets and passes.

Watch Grandma Ask for Apology From Justin Bieber

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