Congrats, Justin Bieber! It sounds like the ‘Boyfriend’ singer had a happy birthday indeed. In addition to getting a car and buying a house, the newly 18-year-old Biebs got another surprise gift for his big day: a world record!

Beliebers took to Facebook for this particular present. On March 1, Biebs’ big 1-8, his fans took to the social networking site to set the Guinness World Record for most social media messages sent within 24 hours.

The previous record holder, Beat Cancer Everywhere, raised $70,000 for cancer research when it reached 209,771 messages in 2009, per Mashable. Bieber dominated Beat Cancer Everywhere by a mile — though the official numbers aren’t in yet. At the most recent tally, Beliebers racked up 292,069 by 7:27 PM.

A special Twitter account, aptly named @JBWorldRecord, was created to start the campaign. Per (yes, that exists), it’ll take about a week to completely count all of his social media mentions. Sounds like Selena Gomez has a tall order in the gift department!

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