Justin Bieber has it all: pop stardom, a burgeoning movie career, a loving family and a beautiful girlfriend. But there’s one thing Bieber will never be able to do, and it breaks his heart. What’s got our boy down?

Bieber is devastated that he will never be able to share a stage with Michael Jackson. Following his performance at Jackson’s Hand & Footprint Ceremony, Bieber talked to Access Hollywood about Jackson’s influence on him and his music.

“He was an inspiration not only to me, but to my family and everyone around me,” Bieber said. “He was more than that. He gave me hope. He was an icon. Every time that I go out onstage, every time that I go out and perform, I’m trying to be the best. And that’s what he always did. There’s never gonna be another Michael Jackson, as long as anyone lives.”

When the inevitable comparisons between Bieber and Jackson came up, Bieber didn’t liken himself to the icon — he just voiced more wistful admiration for Jackson. “You know what? I wish I would have been able to meet him,” Bieber said. “It was really sad, you know? As soon as I released my first single was the week he passed, so it was really unfortunate … it’s just really sad. That was one person I just really wanted to meet.”

Watch Justin Bieber Talk About Michael Jackson

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