An 34-year-old man from Toronto, Ontario, Canada who impersonated fellow Canadian Justin Bieber in the online space has been arrested for luring children and having inappropriate sexual conduct with them.

Lee Moir reportedly created a Facebook page and used multiple online pseudonyms, claiming to be The Biebs. He then used this false identity to lure young girls and attempt to behave deviantly with them. Yikes. How creepy and disgusting!

Acccording to police reports, like the one posted by the Montreal Gazette, Moir enticed a victim to perform sexual acts via her webcam. He was apprehended when he tried to lure a police officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. He was also being investigated by U.S. authorities, which helped lead to his arrest.

Moir was arrested on April 4 and charged with three counts of luring children under 16, making and possessing child pornography, extortion and invitation to sexual touching.

It really sucks that The Biebs’ good name is drug through the mud and sullied thanks to this creep. It’s just a reminder for all younger people navigating the digital world to exercise a little caution. While the web can be a great way to connect with the pop stars you love — please be careful, as well.

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