Justin Bieber makes no secret how much he loves and appreciates his fans, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have some fun at their expense every now and then. The Proactiv plugger pretended to be the director of a new commercial for the anti-acne agent — and let’s just say Steven Spielberg has nothing to worry about just yet.

Bieber disguises his voice as he speaks into a megaphone to direct his subjects in the clip. He instructs one young lady to smile into the camera and flip her hair, another to “pick up the white bottle” (they’re all white!), another to give him a “flirty smile.” It’s hard to flirt when you’re promoting zit cream, bro!

The Biebs is clearly having fun with the girls, who are completely oblivious that he’s their director. “Smile like you just lost a cat,” Bieber says, “and then you found him.” He can barely contain his laughter when he directs one girl to raise the Proactiv higher and higher in the clip, then telling another girl to “smile like you just got your allowance” and having a pair of girls spin around until they’re dizzy.

When Bieber finally makes his big reveal, the girls are absolutely stunned, but so starstruck that they couldn’t help but sing his praises. When asked if Bieber was a good director, the most they could muster was a huge grin and a faint “Yes.”

Watch Justin Bieber ‘Proactivate’ His Fans

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