This is why humans should never get too close to the animals at the zoo.

A gorilla named Kijito at the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha, Neb., ran right into the glass when he motioned like he was going to attack the man standing outside of it.

It's hard to tell if this video is hilarious or terrifying, since it looks like something out of a Planet of the Apes movie. The man standing outside the enclosure remains completely calms and unfazed while the animal barges in his direction. Britain's Daily Mail reported he was taking a selfie and, as we all know, not even a burning hot Earth-destroying meteor, can stop people from snapping a selfie, so it's no surprise that a hulking gorilla would make him flinch.

The Daily Mail also quotes the person who shot the clip as saying Kijito broke a window last year during another visit. "He is quite the character and plays with us whenever we go to the zoo," he said.

Oh, good. So, he's strong and has some rage issues. What could ever possibly go wrong?

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