Houston 911 operators received a very disturbing call this past weekend in Houston. A suspicious unlabeled box was discovered outside of an apartment complex in Houston. The box had a foul odor coming from it and blood leaking from the bottom corner.

As investigators arrived the contents of the box were revealed. According to court documents, a women's body was stuffed inside the box. Her mangled body was wrapped in a green fitted sheet and plastic.

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The woman's face looked as if it had been struck with an ax or machete because of the deep lacerations. Other disturbing details revealed the woman's face had broken bones.

Investigators began to collect surveillance footage to find out where the box came from. The chilling footage revealed a man pushing a dolly with the box from his unit into the parking lot by the dumpster.

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The man was 60-year-old Miguel Angel Moreno, who was a resident of the apartment complex.

Police secured a search warrant and quickly searched Moreno's apartment unit. Gruesome evidence was collected that pointed towards a sinister situation.

Moreno's mattress was covered in"biological material" as well as "blood droplets in various rooms.

When questioned about the box and where it came from, Moreno told police, "someone had broken a window to get into his apartment a few days prior and brought in a large box with a bad smell and what appeared to be blood on the bottom."

Apparently, Moreno was frightened by the box and assumed a body was inside. Moreno attempted to dispose of the suspicious box by dumping it by the garbage outside.

Moreno was arrested, charged with tampering with evidence, and has a bond set at $500,000. The identity of the women has not yet been released.

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