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Tragic news as human trafficking continues to trouble Texas as well as our community.

It's tragic news for one family who was called by an unidentified person to notify them their uncle, an undocumented citizen, had died while traveling and had been left behind on Coletoville Rd, likely during a human trafficking transport.

Body of a man found on Coletovile Rd.

The body of the man was located by the Victoria County Sheriff's Department, by following the same GPS coordinates that were given to the family over the phone of where the body had been left. The family was told that uncle’s body was left in a ditch on the side of the road in 4900 block of Coletoville Road.

Can you imagine being notified over the phone that one of your family members had died and been dumped? Very sad.

Homeland Security has been notified and will be working with local authorities as an autopsy has been ordered to properly identify the man, Crossroads Today reports.

Join us on the Townsquare Talks Everything 361 Podcast.

On the next Townsquare Extra Everything 361 podcast, we will be joined by Victoria County Sheriff, Justin Marr, as he discusses what he has learned as his first year as our county sheriff ( although he has a lifetime of experience in public safety) as well as his thoughts on the documented increase in human trafficking throughout Texas, which includes Victoria and surrounding counties. You can find the podcast on our KIXS 108 website for all of the latest from community members.

We will keep you posted.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will keep you posted with further details.



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