Hurricane Harvey blew ashore and destroyed community after community along the Texas Gulf Coast leaving many people and pets homeless. Faced with a hard decision, many family pets had to be left behind as flood waters rose in cities and towns up and down the Texas coast line.

Tiele Dockens happened to catch an awesome picture of a dog who would not be going hungry after spotting him walking the streets of Sinton, TX after the hurricane blew through the area. Tiele posted on her Facebook page the picture of this dog named Otis wandering the streets of Sinton with a bag full of dog food! No one knows where the dog food came from, but Tiele learned that the dog and its owner were reunited and he apparently go out and went for a little stroll on his own!

Since this picture was posted on her Facebook account, it's been shared now by more than 38,000 people and has apparently made an appearance on the Today Show on NBC according to a recent post by Tiele!

Glad to know that Otis found his way back home and isn't left homeless like a lot of other pets in the region.

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