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Chances are good, especially if you are from Texas, that you've heard about Texas pastor Joel Olsteen who owns megachurch Lakewood Church in Houston.

Mega Church And Mega Suspicious

Lakewood Church is certainly no hole in the wall with Sunday seating available to over 16,000 individuals and televised sermons that are reported to stream to over 7 million viewers a week via satellite throughout the world. Megachurch.

That being said, it's a hole in the wall inside of Lakewood and a plumber's shocking revelation that has the entire nation captivated and curious, and admittedly a little suspicious.

It seems several years ago, in 2014, it was reported that six hundred thousand dollars had been "stolen" from Lakewood. The investigation was ongoing but nothing had come up yet.

A problem with the plumbing.


That is until a plumber in Houston opened a hole in the wall to get to the pipes when hundreds of envelopes of cash and checks dropped from the open hole he created. The plumber, who identified himself only as Justin, revealed that he had found the money when he called a radio station last week.

You can read what all the plumber had to say when he made the information public on NBC here.

How much was in the envelopes you might be wondering?

According to the New York Times, a total of 500 envelopes filled with cash and checks have been discovered inside the wall of Lakewood Church. Checks that were inside of the envelopes helped support the theory that this money is likely tied to the 2014 burglary. At this time, it's not clear how much total money was in the envelopes as reports vary from media outlets.

Lakewood remained unphased and it was church, as usual, this past Sunday.

Here is a Lakewood Church Youtube video of Sunday's service.


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