In a remarkable feat of angling, Alec Morrison recently made headlines by catching a massive 13.82-pound bass at Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas. 


This impressive catch has not only placed Morrison in the spotlight but also earned him a prestigious spot in the Toyota ShareLunker Program, administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Morrison's catch qualifies as a Legacy Lunker, a title reserved for those who land a bass weighing over 13 pounds during the spawning period from January to March.

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The Legacy Lunker program invites anglers to loan their catch to TPWD for their selective breeding initiative, aimed at enhancing the genetic stock of bass in Texas waters. In return, participants gain membership in the esteemed Lunker Legacy Class, celebrating their significant contribution to bass fishing conservation and enhancement.


Glenn Laskowski Jr.

During a family fishing outing at JP Luby Beach on Padre Island, Glenn Laskowski Jr. and his friend JR experienced an epic battle with a massive shark. After using cownose stingray as bait and waiting two hours, Laskowski hooked something extraordinary. 

The struggle to reel it in lasted about an hour and a half, revealing the catch to be a colossal shark. Despite efforts to release the shark back into the ocean, its size and the exhaustion from the struggle made it difficult. Ultimately, they decided to measure and weigh the shark, discovering it was an incredible 14.4 feet long and weighed nearly 1,000 pounds. 

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