My very practical 5 year old son thinks that the story of the Easter bunny is utterly ridiculous. He doesn’t buy the whole "bunny-bringing-candy-filled-eggs" thing at all.

He’s a very logical little boy and he informed me that there was no way a bunny lays eggs and then hides them for little children to find. His exact words were, “Mom, bunnies aren’t interested in eggs or kids. They are worried about carrots!”

Tyler then informed me that he thinks the eggs come from my closet because he’s pretty sure he saw some there! Oops! I guess Mom needs to find a better place to hide them!

This made me think that I have never heard where the Easter Bunny tradition actually came from, so of course, I looked it up.

I found lots of different things, most having to do with Springtime being a time of ‘replenishing, renewal, birth and rebirth’ and that rabbits and eggs are symbols of fertility.
I didn’t really think any of this would make sense to Tyler, so I just left them out and fell back on telling him what I told him about Santa Claus.

“If you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny then he won’t come and visit you!”
I guess when he weighed trying to convince me that the Easter Bunny was nonexistent against getting candy filled eggs, he decided to go with the eggs because he hasn’t said much more about it.

However, I would love the chance to prove to him the existence of the Easter Bunny, so we decided to have a photo contest! Help me convince Tyler that the Easter Bunny visited your little ones by sending pictures of your kids on Easter to by Tuesday at midnight! The winner will receive a membership to The Texas Zoo!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!

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