Drink enough soda and you'll pack on the pounds. Wear enough soda and you'll shed them.

At least that's the claim made by a European clothing company called Lytess, which is marketing pants lined with caffeine to help people lose weight.

Lytess fills the pants with caffeine patches, in the belief that caffeine causes metabolism to soar, which should cause a drop in weight. The clothing also features shea butter in an attempt to fight the battle of the bulge.

The company's website gets a little infomercially on prospective customers by gushing, "Made of fibers imbedded with caffeine and shea butter micro-capsules, their slimming action is released by the friction of ordinary motion." Right - and decaf coffee gets the job done, too, right?

As you might imagine, there are plenty of folks who are skeptical. We're talking even more skeptical than those who don't believe Coke Zero actually tastes like Coke.

Still, with Americans' waistlines expanding faster than 'CSI' spinoffs, there is definitely a market for weight loss products, as you can see for yourself in the videos below.

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