Charlie is the newest member to our family. We adopted him in early December from Dorothy O’Conner Pet Adoption Center.

It’s funny how it happened. We weren’t even looking actually. My sister has four dogs that she has adopted from DOCPAC and two of them were in the Christmas Parade. My son walked one and my nephew who works at DOCPAC walked the other.

When I went to drop my son off at the center before the parade I asked my nephew to show me the animals. He took me to the first kennel. As we walked in, the first dog to the left, and the first dog I saw, was Charlie. I couldn’t get over him. He was the only dog in the kennel sitting and just looking at us.

I instantly noticed his white body and brown head. It actually looked like he was mismatched but the cutest dog I have ever seen. Anyway, I took a picture of him with my phone. I sent the picture to my husband and told him I wanted him.

My husband said we should think about it. The following week I found myself looking at the picture, even showing it to my co-workers and talking about how cute he is. But we had not decided anything yet.

The week passed and my husband and I discussed it more and I talked him into it. We brought Charlie home that following Monday. He was an early Christmas present for us all. He has been such a blessing. He is a sweet and loving dog.

Granted, he marked his territory a couple of times – the quilt holder in the living room, the fireplace, and my daughters’ room. He’s actually house trained. I think he was just letting us know he was here to stay.

I also believe my daughter took the marking of territory in her room personally. Charlie is HER DOG. She is all over Charlie, all the time. She absolutely adores him and he puts up with her. As you can see in the picture he is super tolerant.

Charlie runs from my daughter and my daughter chases him laughing. She thinks he is playing with her and while this may be true, sometimes I believe he is trying to escape, too. Sometimes the look on his face when she’s hugging him is a look that says “HELP”.

But ultimately he loves her and they will be the best of friends for years to come. My brother, just to be annoying, calls Charlie “Charles” because he thinks he looks sophisticated. Charlie makes some pretty funny noises when he sleeps too. He’s a sweetheart and a wonderful dog.

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