Once Upon A Time...

In the small quaint town of Port Lavaca, there lives a group of children whose intentions are to do no good. They come out before dusk overflows the entire town and spread their terror throughout the dirt roads and countryside lanes.

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This is all, of course, completely fictionalized; however, one post on the community Facebook page: 'Port Lavaca Listens,' caught fire as it tried to paint a malicious picture of a small group of children.

The Post That Started It All

The post included a photo of three children playing on the bayfront, doing what looks like skipping rocks; you know, having fun and being kids. The post included a few emotionally fueled lines as well and read, "SMH...people always ask why Port Lavaca don't have nice things! Fine example right here. These kids are over here throwing all the rocks into the water."

Community Reactions

In no time, people started commenting on the post. The original post complained about the children ruining the bayfront and throwing away rocks that taxpayers buy, but people were not buying that complaint. Users immediately began defending the children and one of their own past-time favorite activities.

RJ Pruitt posted an update saying:

"I can’t fall asleep. Can’t stop thinking about the crime at the bay. Insane. #justicefortherocks"


Some couldn't believe the audacity of the post. Many people pointed out that kids could be doing so many worse things, and this group of kids was doing nothing wrong; they were just happy, fun kids throwing a few rocks in the water.

The post generated tons of attention from community members and blew up into something hysterical. Users turned to sarcasm and humor to play with the original post

Doug Howell, Unicycle Enthusiast via Facebook
Derick Zimmerman, Port Lavaca Listens via Facebook
Andres Bebe Anzaldua, Port Lavaca Listens via Facebook
Sergio Pena Jr, Port Lavaca Listens via Facebook

Is It Right Or Wrong?

What do you think about this? Should kids continue to be carefree and have simple, innocent fun, or should they not be allowed to waste rocks by throwing them into the water? Tell us below in our poll and comment your thoughts on our social media pages!