Most places all over the world have got one kind of stay at home order or another going on right now, and with everyone staying home, have you seen the price of gas lately?

Shortly after midday today the price of oil actually dropped so low that for a time it was actually cheaper than bottled water. KHOU reported today that oil had dropped 90% to $1.50 per barrel. Specifically U.S. crude for May delivery. With people staying home and not traveling, flying, or going on vacation, we just aren't using fuel the way we did. actually watch the price fall to below $0 per barrel.

Nationally, the price of a gallon of gas in America was down five cents to $1.82 this week according to

In Victoria, many gas stations had their price below the national average on April 20th. While going down Navarro, you can find gas at $1.47 at Murphy Express, Sams Club, and, Speedy Stop and Shell. Some states have seen fuel drop below $1. I haven't seen fuel for under $1 since I was a kid.

Is it taking you longer to burn through a tank of gas? I have definitely noticed a difference myself without running nearly as many errands as before. I used to fill up once a week. Now it seems like I could almost go two weeks before needing to buy more. Be sure to stay home and stay safe, and when you do go fill up your tank be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands right away after topping off. Lots of people are touching those gas pumps.

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