They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, turns out for Industrial Senior, Allie Upton, nothing could be more true than for her mother Sheri!

Sheri is a mom who found it necessary to invent a fun and easy way to show our support for ALL seniors in the Crossroads. Her page Adopt A High School Senior (Victoria and Jackson Counties) is a great way to show our support for Crossroads Seniors.

According to Sheri as she was perusing Facebook she found a site online for members to “adopt” seniors and included Allie on the page. Allie’s name was taken off the list as she wasn’t a student from ‘their area’.

Sheri felt all seniors should be invited in the Crossroads to be “ adopted” so, in the spirit of invention, Sheri created her page Adopt A High School Senior ( Victoria and Jackson Counties) on Friday April 17th asking for members to post a photo of their seniors with a short description of the senior themselves.

Since her daughter Allie was a senior at Industrial, Sheri estimated she would likely end up with a maybe a hundred plus members. That was on Friday April 17th. Today is Wednesday April 21st . This is going to blow your mind, it's been five days...

There are OVER 3,000 members!!!


This means there is a true need in our community for seniors to feel celebrated during this unprecedented time. I had the pleasure of speaking to Sheri over the phone and she said something that really resonated with me. As we are all struggling to get through COVID its “important to remember how much graduating from high school meant to us. It means the world to these kids. They have worked so hard and had no control over their situation and no chance to say goodbye.

No chance to say goodbye. Not to their teachers, administration, or their friends.

When you are a senior, friendships, family and the future mean everything to you.

It’s easy to dismiss that seniors will not have an official opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and all of the revelry that is usually included in graduation commencements when we’ve got so much on our minds, but ADOPTING A SENIOR makes it easy to show your support.

The community is welcome to peruse the website and find a senior that resonates with them. Then they will ADOPT THEM by contacting the parents and agreeing to send care items to seniors. Participants are welcome to comment and YES a senior can be adopted multiple times! Sheri just cautions that the idea is that ALL SENIORS GET ADOPTED. In fact, Sheri offers that if you're a member why not go through the list and send an encouraging message to every senior on the list. 

Items to send can include gifts and letters; anything you think you would have liked as a senior, but most importantly, acknowledgment of their accomplishments is really what this page is about.

Seniors should NEVER meet anyone to receive a gift. Parents must commit to pick up only. Private arrangements must be made through the parents exclusively.

If you know a senior that wants to be “adopted,” just click on the Facebook link above.



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