When it comes to tanning beds, I have only one real concern. The first tan of the season. Yeah, I’m not real concerned with the health issues because, let’s be honest, what CAN’T be bad for you these days?

I’m all about natural sun. But I’m not about showing my ashy white “coming out of hibernation” skin tone my first time in a swimsuit. I like to be prepared with at least a slight golden tone. And I’m not just thinking of me, I’m also thinking of you. You don’t want to see these legs right out of winter.

Anyway, like I said, my real concern with tanning beds is the first tan. The first tan always throws you a nice slight burn. But the worst part of the burn is the butt burn. Yep, that’s sensitive skin right there. The butt getting burned is not pleasant.

The butt burn will have you waiting in line at a grocery store or convenience store or school line picking up the kids and out of nowhere your butt begins to itch. This isn’t a little itch and scratch itch. This is a “get me a brillo pad” kind of itch and usually occurs on the lower back and sides of the buttocks area. It only attacks in public, too, and when you are not in a position to itch.

My co-worker says this has happened to her also and she wants to run up to a wall and rub against it to help relieve the pesky butt burn itch. But I’m pretty sure that would also be quite noticeable. Well, if you know what I’m talking about, here’s helpful advice that I’ve used myself. Take an after lotion (like Jergens or Hemp lotion) with you to tan and when you get out of your first tan - put the lotion on your booty! I can’t guarantee this will completely prevent the butt burn itch but it may help. Good luck! I’m off to tan. I’ll let you know how it ENDS! LOL!