Adrenaline Junkies Headed Towards Fear

Spooky season for most means tons of fun dark decorations all around their home. Others prefer the cute pumpkin painting sessions so they can decorate their home full of Instagram-worthy diy decor. Then there are those adrenaline junkies who thrive on fear.

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Scary Attractions in South Texas

Texas is the perfect place for enticing fear in yourself and most of all, others. There are tons of haunted and scary attractions spread all across South Texas. Monsters, ghouls, zombies, and clowns waiting and ready to scare the jeepers creepers out of you.

If you have a devilish desire to visit the scariest places around these neck of the woods then stick around. South Texas has plenty of corn mazes with horrifying characters waiting in between corn stalks watching your every move, calculating the perfect time to jump out and scare you.

Indoor, Outdoor, You Can Get Scared Anywhere

You can keep it indoors at haunted attractions where you venture room to room experiencing near heart attacks every other step. These places play off your fears and phobias and can smell fear a mile away.

Chainsaws = Pooks Running

Personally, I love haunted scary places, I walk through rooms with one eye open trembling with every step. I love the miserable feeling of being petrified. However, the moment I hear chainsaws IM AM OUT.

Gather Friends and Go Get Scared

If you want to push yourself to the edge of fear then gather up some friends and head to these ten attractions to get scared all night. We hand-picked these attractions from Texas Haunted Houses and the majority of the selected places are rated very scary and not appropriate for young children.

So if you think you are up for all the scares scroll down the list and choose a place(maybe bring a change of clothes, ya know, just in case...) Be sure to tag the station with your experience!

Ten Terrifying Texas Attractions To Scream Your Head Off

Get ready to be filled with fear.

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