Texas has some of the longest roads in America. Which means there are plenty of opportunities for accidents.

The top five Texas cities with the most driving accidents in 2023, according to, Wagoner Law Firm and DriveSafe Online®​, are:

1. Houston

Houston's bustling roads saw a whopping 65,931 car accidents in 2023, keeping its crown as the Texas city with the most crashes. If you drive here, keep your eyes peeled and maybe pack an extra coffee for the inevitable traffic jam​.

2. Dallas

With 52,115 accidents in 2023, Dallas drivers sure know how to keep things interesting on the road. It's a city where you might want to brush up on your defensive driving skills and enjoy some good tunes to stay calm and in control​​.

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3. San Antonio

San Antonio's scenic streets witnessed 39,819 crashes in 2023, proving that even this historic city can't escape modern driving woes. Just imagine the Alamo heroes dodging this much traffic!

4. Fort Worth

Fort Worth had 13,249 accidents last year, showing it's not just about cowboys and culture here – there's plenty of bumper-to-bumper action too. Drive safe, and maybe consider a trusty horse for shorter trips!​

5. Austin

Austin, the live music capital, hit a sour note with 11,984 accidents in 2023. When you're not rocking out at a festival, make sure you're rocking some serious driving caution on these lively roads​.

Speaking of accidents, here are some of the most vicious and gnarly acts of road rage that have happened on Texas roads. 

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