The Red Flag Plague

First, it's the Squid Games now we have red flag alerts everywhere. I'm looking over my shoulder, trying to deciphers people's intentions, and on guard every moment.

The red flag plague has hit social media all across the board. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, there's a red flag post swimming around somewhere. These red-flag memes are out of control, as they should be. Sometimes we need reality to put us in our place.

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So Satisfying You Have No Choice But To Indulge

Red flags are like Texas sweet tea, you know it's bad for you but it's so satisfying you indulge anyways. However, the time has come to put yourself in check. Too many times we have looked the other way, ignoring all the signs. Thankfully, that's what social media is for.

Red Flags Are Everywhere

These red-flag memes are killing me. You can scroll for days and pick up on some heavy clues. Red flags are everywhere and once seen, they cannot be erased from your memory.

I'll admit, some of the memes are just plain ridiculous. I mean that's half the Crossroads population so...

But some are so on point, it's scary.

But then again, some really make you think. Sorry, Port Lavaca...

attachment-Tyffany Galicia via Facebook

Also, does your ability to call out red flags mean you're actually a red flag??

attachment-Andre McNair Facebook

Then others embrace their negligence. I mean these people only have themselves to blame at the end of the day so I dont want to hear it.


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