In a video that has now gone viral, an Austin 'substitute' teacher was kicked out of class for bringing a karaoke machine. Not only did he bring the karaoke machine, but he also sang Britney Spears' 'Toxic' in front of the class. The wildest I remember class getting was playing 'Heads Up 7-Up.' Who remembers that game? You can see the video of the off-key singer below.

According to FOX-7 in Austin, on December 3rd, a substitute teacher at an Austin high school was asked to leave campus after he brought a karaoke machine to class and sang the Britney Spears song "Toxic". The incident occurred at Bowie High School in Austin.  It turns out the substitute teacher is very active on Tiktok. He goes by the name the Real Chill Sub and his goal is to substitute in all 50 states.  He also refers to himself on TikTok as the karaoke substitute.

A spokesperson for the Austin school district said "The substitute was deactivated in our substitute pool, so it's safe to say he won't be subbing again in Austin ISD," The spokesperson goes on to add that after further review it appears the substitute has a social media profile that says he is trying to sub to all 50 states and sing and entertain students while subbing while documenting his experience.   The substitute was in the district’s system and had completed background checks. Oh yeah! just in case you didn't know, Britney is FREE!

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