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Victoria County Sheriff's Office Celebrates BIG promotions

Victoria County Sheriff, Justin Marr promoted several employees today during a badge pinning ceremony in the Victoria County Sheriff's Office classroom yesterday.

Sheriff Justin Marr on the Townsquare Media Everything 361 Podcast.

Ingra Lee met with Sheriff Marr earlier this week to discuss the incredible influx of " bail outs" reported in Victoria County recently. As well as offering in-depth insight into the human trafficking crisis our community and neighboring counties are experiencing at this time, Sheriff Marr offered a heart-felt appreciation for his team at the Victoria County Sheriff's office as well.


You can listen to the Townsquare Talks Everything 361 podcast wherever you get your podcasts or by clicking the Radio Live button on our station websites.

Here is an example of where to find it on our KIXS 108 website. Click Radio on Demand.


You might be shocked to learn that on stop the Victoria County Sheriffs' office stopped a vehicle in Victoria County with undocumented immigrants from Asia who were being transported illegally. " We are seeing human trafficking from over 100 countries now." Sheriff Marr offers on the podcast.

Sheriff's offices are working harder than ever.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to think then that sheriff's offices, including our own, are working harder than ever to keep our counties safe, especially during this trying time.

Congratulations are in order.

It's with that in mind that we'd like to congratulate Corporal Lance Orsak who was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. Sgt. Orsak previously served as then Sgt. Marr’s Corporal on patrol. TCO Jenni Wright was promoted to Sergeant Investigator, a position she has held before. According to the VCSD Facebook page which you can read here, "Jenni brings years of experience to the Criminal Investigations Unit. Tammy Oliver was promoted from the Courts Unit to Sergeant over the Communications Unit, Deputy Michele Valdez who was promoted to Sergeant over the Civil Unit. Both Deputy José Pena and Deputy Omar Garcia were promoted to Patrol Corporals as well."

We thank our local law enforcement for their dedication to our community.




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