We will get to the TikTok video in just a minute! While Geroge Strait is one of the best voices of all time in Country music, he is not my number one!  This might be an unpopular opinion but I consider the best Country voice of all time, MR. KEITH WHITLEY! Of course, many of you know that he was scheduled to play at the Bluebonnet Convention Center the week he died.

To this day, every time I listen to his albums, his voice continues to give me the chills! Just listen to 'When You Say Nothing at All' and 'Miami, My Amy." Absolutely AMAZING to this day! I feel that Whitley's voice was underappreciated while he was with us and his popularity only exploded after his death.  Does anyone still have a ticket stub from the show he was supposed to perform in Victoria?

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Social Media is a great place to find random videos and here is another example. A video has recently gone viral of a man asking two girls, who has the better voice? Kane Brown or George Strait? They respond with Kane Brown and the internet is losing it.  Some of the best TikTok videos are duets where people add their reactions and they are great. Check the one below.  Now I have seen Kane Brown live and he has an incredible voice and his vocal range is unbelievable!  However, I don't think you can put Kane Brown and George Strait in the same category when it comes to Country music.  Have a chuckle with the video.


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