I follow a very regimented Hobby Lobby holiday schedule which means I've been getting ready for Christmas since June. Don't hate me. It gets worse. At Christmas, I'll already be ready for Valentines. I've been ready for Halloween since the Fourth of July.

It's just our way, right Hobbly Lobby? Right!

Sure it's still 90 plus degrees outside in Texas and most folks don't even have their Halloween decorations out yet, but those are details that I can't bother with, I'm to busy signing my Valentine cards. Now before you tell me to go stuff a stocking, I'm about to make your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER Mr. Grinch.

Introducing this years most trending holiday item...THE HALF CHRISTMAS TREE.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon/Home Heritage

That's right! No more tangling your tinsel while you grovel over your bauble! Half a tree means tree decorating in half the time!

You're welcome. Just think of me as your personal Little Cindy Lou Who.

Okay admittedly it doesn't look like much in the picture above, but with enough perseverance (and egg nog) you can completely turn this frown upside down! And.. most important, YOU CAN PUSH IT UP AGAINST YOUR WALL! No paint scratches and no trimming the backside. Oh, I had the best picture for that sentence but the boss won't let me use it!

Below is what it looks like when it's as lit as I plan to be on Christmas Eve when I don't have anything to do other than to put my feet up and gloat.

Photo Courtesy of Amazon/Home Heritage

TRUE STORY: Last year I rescued two very adorable kittens just in time for Christmas. They are my first Christmas kittens as I've only always rescued dogs. I had NO IDEA how dangerous it was to have cats and Christmas together in one room! Not as soon as we brought them into the house did they get twisted in the prelit lighting wires causing us to have to cut them BOTH out of the tree saving their little lives BUT totally destroying our newest and largest and MOST EXPENSIVE tree that we've ever owned at Christmas in the process. Oh was Santa was HOT about that!



Luckily this season I found this half tree on AMAZON, and true to its girth, it's also half the price of most full Christmas trees you'll find online. You're looking at under $200.00. Hopefully, my kitties have learned their lesson from last year! We shall see! Check out the HomeHeritage Christmas Tree on AMAZON: Order Here.

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Sigh. I've also included a gallery for those of you who insist on staying in the current holiday season.

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