I am usually a person who is ahead of the game on holidays and making sure our gifts are bought in advance of the actual holiday. But for some reason Valentine's Day just stumps me.

A guy can show up with flowers and a sweet card and a girl is happy as can be. Guys, on the other hand, are difficult to buy for and you have to be creative. Valentine's is a day to show your loved one how much you love and appreciate them so you don't want to just not get them anything.

So, I asked around thinking maybe it was me but found out it's not. A friend of mine, Nikki, said it's because guys go out and buy what they want when they want it. Sarah told me her husband Brad says it's a women holiday, all her husband wanted is for her not have the flu.

Another girlfriend, Jennifer, told me it's because everything our men want is expensive due to their hobbies. Jackie says it's because when you ask them what they want, they won't tell you.

I was glad to find out it wasn't just me. It's the thoughts that counts and making sure you make your Valentine feel special. I wish you the best of luck finding that special Valentine for the special man in your life. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

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