If your teenager's school trip to Europe this summer was canceled, you can take them to Paris anyway! Just grab your keys, fill your tank, and head to Paris...Texas.

It's basically the same thing, right? Right?

Here is a list of Euro-Texas towns in Texas along with a proposal of how in a pinch, you can plan to travel through Texas to see " Europe" by hitting the road and hoping like hell your teenager has a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Back Story- As a HUGE gift to our oldest daughter we signed up for a school field trip last year to allow her the opportunity to see some of Europe for a week this summer.

The itinerary included seeing London, Paris, Italy, and Rome alongside her schoolmates and a multitude of adult chaperones. Not surprisingly, the trip was officially canceled a few days ago and needless to say, there were some broken hearts at the house but we had been waiting these last few weeks for the final decision from the "powers that be" so we weren't too surprised. It was time to get over it and get a new game plan.

Road trip!

On a Side Note-Thankfully, our "tour guide" aka our daughter's teacher and the field trip organization agreed to honor the exact trip and itinerary for students next summer, and with stories we've heard about other canceled trips this summer, we're feeling very blessed, all things considered. Scientifically speaking, planning a trip is almost as good for you mentally as it is to go on the trip itself. So we'll be in good spirits thinking about this trip all over again NEXT YEAR.

In the meantime though, this canceled trip leaves a week of empty space ( which now that we've been home for two months feels like an eternity), so bright side...it does afford us the opportunity for a road trip through Texas to visit Europe. Sort of. Now to get our daughter on board!

orange sunset and asphalt road to horizon


Its A Trip to Europe in Texas

So, it wasn't exactly the Europe trip we planned but c'est la vie!

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