Pooks the Part-Time Lumberjack

This weekend I added part-time lumberjack to my resume and I found out where Christmas tree babies are born. For the first time in my life, I went to a Christmas tree farm and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

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The Christmas Tree Farm

Nothing screams Christmas like freshly cut Christmas trees. Pack up the truck and head down to Luling for a once-a-year experience. Right down the road from the I-10 and Buc-ee's is a quaint little place called Abrameits Tree Farm.

What To Expect

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Once you pull into this farm, you know the holidays are in full force. There are rows and rows and rows of Christmas trees waiting to be taken to their new home.

You walk up to the front table where they lay down some serious information about Christmas trees like what to look out for while hunting for your perfect tree and how to care for your tree after you take it home. Just steer clear of those fire ant piles and keep an eye out for tree bugs.

Hunting For The Perfect Tree

It took so long to find the perfect tree. We walked down so many aisles of trees and I just could not find 'The One.' Then finally, as if a light shined down from the skies above onto the perfect tree.

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We cranked the chainsaw on and cut that baby down. Happily, we walked to the front of the farm to get the dead limbs shaken off and get that bad boy wrapped up.

The Perfect Tree In Pieces

The tree that took forever and a day to pick out fell apart right in front of our eyes. As the tree was put onto a machine to shake out bugs, limbs, and dead pines, it cracked into two pieces right down the middle. The tree had actually been two trees that grew together along the way.

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So off we went to find the 2nd best tree on the farm. Another 15 minutes later we found it, chopped it down, and packed it up. The crew at the farm was so nice and friendly. They let my 5-year-old daughter pull the tree through the net to get it wrapped up.

What To Keep In Mind

  • There are bugs and fire ants along the way, so keep an eye out.
  • There is a tree for every family and any budget.
  • Trees are $10 a foot and there are trees of every size, big or small.
  • You can bring your own chainsaw, but they do provide hand saws if needed.
  • Poles for measuring trees and gloves are also provided.
  • This place creates new holiday traditions.
  • This is totally kid-friendly so bring the family.
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