Are you ready for Baseball in the Crossroads? Yes!!
The Victoria Generals have missed their fans as much as we have missed them, and the wait is nearly over (barring any last-minute changes) to safety practices at Riverside Stadium.
The Victoria Generals will obviously play a shortened season due to the coronavirus outbreak which may or may not halt the season again if conditions are deemed not to be safe. Generals Coach Michael Oros told, “Baseball across the United States is being canceled or changed, making ways to make it work and that’s what we’re gonna do in the TCL and down here in Victoria.”
With all the changes to the shortened season, fans will notice a new 2020 format with six new minor league franchises. Teams from Frisco, Tulsa, San Antonio, Round Rock, and Amarillo will tall take part. This means the Generals will also get a place to play teams on the road in some of the Double-A and Triple-A stadiums which will be a thrill for fans and players alike.

Fans can see the Generals initial intrasquad game coming up on Thursday at Riverside Stadium soon followed by their first regular-season home game coming up July 3rd in Victoria.

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