A disgusting and mysterious occurrence has been happening in a Houston neighborhood. Residents in the targeted neighborhood have become accustomed to a gruesome scene that keeps happening.

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According to Callie Markantonis a resident in the area, several years ago dead animals started appearing in the area. At first, people thought it was a strange isolated incident but then decapitated animals began appearing every few months.


The most recent event was discovered by Markantonis near a stop sign.

"It was 8 o'clock, and we were walking, and there's a box in the street," Markantonis told KPRC 2. "I go over to look in the box, there is a newspaper." I spread the newspaper and I see fur. It was a goat and chicken in the box and both of them were headless."

The culprit of these strange and disturbing happening has never been identified or caught. However, this last drop-off was picked up on a surveillance camera.

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A white car was recorded driving in the area. The vehicle slowly pulled up to a stop sign with a box on top of it. An unidentified person quickly gets out of the passenger side, picks up the box, and drops it off at the intersection. The person then jumps back into the car and they quickly drive off.

Unofrtuently, the license plate was knowledgeable. However, this is one step closer to catching the culprit of these sick events.

Residents in the neighborhood are mortified and scared this is part of something much darker. "Where are they cutting the heads off? And where are the heads at? Where are they doing it at? Why here?"

Jamal Erif worried that it "Seems like some Voodoo magic or something strange someone is doing, and it doesn't belong here."

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