I found this really awesome story out of Houston.  Houston based business, Ava Clara Couture says she wants to help out women who are putting themselves at risk on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight.

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You can read the full story by clicking on the click2houston website.

I love to see respect for our Healthcare workers for this reason:

My wife is currently working on the front line of the COVID-19 and working directly with COVID-19 patients and it's is NOT an easy job!  There is so much added stress to their normal job.  Healthcare workers deserve nothing but respect right now, and to be honest, they deserve so much more.  It is nice to see a small token of appreciation like this :). Of course, she is married, so I am almost positive that she will not need a wedding dress .

Here is a picture of my wife before she puts on the extra layers of protection, which is A LOT!  BTW, she has personally defeated COVID-19 and is now on the front line.  She is indeed my hero!!!!







Nominate a local nurse to be recognized during nurses week, May 6-12th


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