Pretty crazy that North Texas will have it's own Universal Studios in a few years. It will be different than the ones in California or Florida.

We Officially Have a Name of Our Frisco,Texas Universal Studios

Families get ready for Universal Kids Resort! We still don't have an official opening date for the park, but construction is set to start next year. As of right now the area just east of Dallas North Tollway and north of Panther Creek Parkway is getting the ground ready for construction.

What Else Do We Know About the Park?

Above is a mock version of the park that is said to have five different unique themed lands and will also have a 300 room hotel. Universal is still being hush on the details of the lands, but they say they will be bringing their beloved characters to life. Remember, this is different than your typical Universal theme park. This will be aimed at children from three to nine years old.

People Have Already Started Guessing What They Could Be

^That guess of Spongebob seems DEAD accurate. That looks like a Krusty Krab restaurant in that land. I have no idea what Gabby's Dollhouse is, but the rest of these are all Universal owned properties aimed at kids.

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We will wait and see once construction gets underway if we get any clues for what is officially coming to Frisco. It will be nice for families in North Texas to not have to buy a plane ticket to experience a day at Universal. Especially if your kid could not handle the thrill rides at the Florida or California theme parks.

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