This week, you will see many blogs on “Co-worker Personalities” from some of the staff here at Q-92. We all have co-workers we love and become great friends with and then there are those crazy coworkers that when you see them, you quickly look for a detour to avoid them.

Co-workers can have an effect on your day. Whether they are entertaining or annoying, sometimes you wonder if they previously worked for the circus or if it’s all an overly played out joke and the “Punk’d” camera is about to jump out of nowhere.

These coworkers range from the noisemaker, nose offender, perfectionist, to the multi-personality, the buck passer, the complainer and many more. See if you recognize any of these co-worker personalities in the people you work with. I hope you find humor in reading these blogs and feel free to comment on them.

On the other hand, if you actually identify with any of these personalities – don’t change, your special.