Do you have that co-worker that is always able to pull a good one on you? Sometimes office pranks can brighten up the day while others may leave someone wanting to get revenge.

But before you play a prank make sure the management knows what you are going to do. I have seen some really good ones on the web such as cupping. Cupping is where you put styrofoam cups filled with water all over a co-worker’s office. Can you imagine how long that would take to clean up? Just think about it, you could only dump 2 cups at a time.

Working here at the radio station, you have to have a good sense of humor because pranks are being played weekly. It's happened to me a few times. Okay, maybe I should say several times. One day I was out of the office and came back to find all my pen caps super-glued on. Boy, did all my co-workers get a good laugh at me while I was trying to pull them apart.

Another time I came back to the office and I had Post It notes stuck all over my desk which I thought to myself that it wouldn't take long to get all those off. I was wrong. It seemed like forever to take all of the Post Its off of my desk.

Oh wait, the best one and still will get you from time to time prank is when someone lowers your office chair and you go to sit in it. Note to self; check my chair before I sit down.

One time the tables were turned and a few of us were the pranksters on our boss we filled his office with balloons, some filled with helium and others not. It was funny seeing him jump up to get the ones with helium because we just let them go to the ceiling without any strings attached. I'm sure he was a little annoyed since he couldn't walk into his office without tripping over balloons.

If you are a fan of anything or scared of anything, don't tell your co-workers. Rob, our morning DJ on our sister station KIXS, is a big time Yankees fan and the guys are always doing something against the Yankees. For example, they have put up signs in the bathroom that says Yankees suck and put dry ice in the toilet.

My friend Robin's husband Richard did the “rubber band around the sink sprayer” thing to her the other day, not once but twice. Good thing Robin had an extra shirt at work.

There are so many things you can do from switching keys on the keyboard to rearranging things on their desk to taping down the switchhook on the phone so you can't dial out.

But I hope you are the prankster and not the one the prank gets played on.