Co-workers spend more time together these days than they do with their own families. People always seem to have a co-worker that they could do without but there has to be that perfect co-worker out there... right?

I asked a few friends on their thoughts on a perfect co-worker. Jennifer said one that shares their food with you. Monett said, “A perfect co-worker would be one that shows up with breakfast every morning.” I did this for a while for Kristin and Evan but then I decided to go on a diet and they didn’t like me as much as they did when I brought hot, fresh breakfast in. I wonder what would happen if I brought in some hot oatmeal... it probably wouldn’t go over too well.

Leslie said, “A co-worker that gives you emotional support and someone to vent to, helpful, fun and just easy going.”

Melissa, owner of Madi Tays, said,” Self-motivated which my employees are.”

JACK from our sister station said,” A perfect co-worker would be the one who forgets you borrowed money from them.” I bet JACK will have a few co-workers checking to see if he owes them money.

Paige said, “The perfect co-worker would need to have a great sense of humor! Laughing makes the day go by faster.” Laughing is what we do a lot here, and if you work here you better be able to laugh at yourself.

Looks like most people just want to work with a co-worker who is happy and has a professional demeanor. My thoughts on a perfect co-worker would be the person who always lights your inner fire when it goes out and one that deals with you when you don’t know if you are coming or going.

As I am writing this blog my favorite co-worker changed twice from Evan who went and got me a Dr. Pepper to Rob who went and got me Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which Evan forgot. While Kristin is trying to make me laugh to cheer me up... so, I have to admit I work with a really good batch of co-workers who really care about each other. Now, Kristin and I are enjoying these Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.